Georgia Natural Gas Pricing Products –

Something for Everyone!

As Georgia’s natural gas leader, we understand that our commercial customers, like you, need a variety of pricing options. To help you, we have simplified our pricing solutions into three categories. Our goal is to educate and not overwhelm you with numerous price plans and how they work. If you understand our categories and also work alongside your GNG energy manager, you will find choosing the pricing product that’s right for your business easier to do.

Pricing Categories

GNG’s commercial fixed plans where your business can lock-in a rate for a specific timeframe.
Customize your pricing balance based on your usage timing and/or risk tolerance. Our TrueBalance Plans allow you to create a hybrid solution that lets you enjoy flexibility and price protection unique to your specific business needs.
GNG’s commercial variable price plans where your business pays a month-to-month rate determined monthly or daily based on NYMEX or INDEX rates.