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At Georgia Natural Gas, we believe in going above and beyond. That’s why we launched our exclusive CSASecure® Program – to give you an effective solution that helps you not only control multifamily utility usage, but also protects your business.

What is the CSASecure® Program?

CSASecure® is a simple solution that helps enhance cost recovery, reduce liability and minimize the need for bill collections – all issues that can arise when a CSA (continuous service agreement) is in place. Using BluTrend’s proprietary Utility Theft Protection monitoring technology, CSASecure® can help you minimize wasted time and money spent dealing with residents who don’t switch their natural gas accounts in a timely manner.

What are the advantages of CSASecure® over other recovery methods?

CSASecure® doesn’t wait until a problem has become expensive to alert you – the system is set up to send automatic notifications in a variety of situations. CSASecure® will:

  • Alert you to pending disconnections: You’ll receive an alert if a resident has scheduled a disconnection within 24 hours of their request
  • Allow one-click disconnect: If a unit is in violation, you can disconnect their service with the click of a button
  • Provide violation protection: With automatic alerts, if violations occur, they’re limited to just a few days
  • Help you identify non-compliant residents: Alert residents who have failed to switch accounts into their names within days of their move-in date

How does this situation occur?

For property owners whose communities use natural gas, CSAs are designed to help owners maintain natural gas service when a unit becomes vacant. However, issues can arise when new residents move in and fail to switch the account into their names in a timely fashion. The problem can arise again at move-out if the resident closes their account prior to vacating the unit.

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For more information or to sign up for CSAsecure® and other GNG Signature Services®, contact a Multifamilty Energy Manager.


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