Why GNG?

Because We’re the Experts

GNG’s suite of products works for everyone – owners, property managers and even your residents. Let us customize the best mix for your community – we’re the experts! And to show you how, here is an overview of our Multifamily Signature Services:

  • Continuous Service Agreement (CSA): Have gas service transferred automatically back into the landlord’s name when a resident moves out. No more added stress to remember to turn on gas service to prevent winter pipe bursts for unoccupied units, and property owners never pay connection fees.
  • Pricing Flexibility: Being flexible means having a variety of pricing products that can be tailored to suit any community’s needs. Couple that with some of our non-pricing product offerings and communities like yours will see the value of GNG.
  • Dedicated Support: In addition to the more than 25 years of combined industry experience our energy managers have, your community will also have a client relations specialist. Your specialist will help with your everyday needs. With GNG, we understand your needs will change, but know that the level of support you receive will not waiver.
  • For Your Residents: GNG offers special discounts on a wide variety of price plans.
  • Master Summary Billing: View all of your meters and chargers on one convenient bill. Plus, you can make one payment! Your can receive your bill in Excel and/or PDF formats or both. And at no additional cost!
  • Community Reporting: Our standard reports can be exported as both Excel and PDF file formats. For more customized reporting, your energy manager and our team will gladly create a report with exactly what you need.
  • Marketing Support: Our multifamily team can offer your community’s leasing agents and property managers a variety of marketing materials and support to help promote our special pricing and programs to your residents.


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