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If you have large commercial space heating, boiler applications, or other industrial process load, then you have come to the right place. For nearly 20 years, we have managed the natural gas needs of Large Commercial and Industrial customers (LCI) under the name SouthStar Energy Services. If this name is not familiar, you may know us by our local trade name, Georgia Natural Gas.

As an LCI customer, our experienced energy managers can offer products and services to assist you in managing your natural gas needs.

  • Pricing Flexibility: Just like any provider serving commercial customers, we offer traditional standard pricing products, but we can also provide uniquely customized solutions. If your preference is to manage your commodity risk tied to the NYMEX, monthly or daily indices, fixed pricing, or some combination, we can work with you to help structure the right pricing mix for your specific situation.
  • Transportation Management: Whether your business requires firm or interruptible transportation, we have the depth of portfolio and experience to provide the services you need. From basic scheduling services to complex alternate fuel and curtailment management, we have the skills necessary to meet the most unique requirement.
  • Dedicated Support: Our Energy Managers are the cornerstone of our business. With decades of combined expertise, credibility, knowledge of this industry and 24/7 availability, you can take comfort knowing your business is in competent hands. Now, that is value!
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