The GNG Advantage –

Do You Have It?

Do you use 25,000 or more therms annually? If you don’t bat an eye at the number, then you’ve come to the right place. For our customers running large businesses, we offer a tailored suite of solutions, all delivered by your dedicated energy manager. From analyzing usage data in order to optimize your plan, to working with CFOs and facility managers, GNG has nearly 20 years of experience in keeping big businesses booming.

Big business is not a big challenge for GNG. We’re here to help you by offering our commercial and industrial customers these benefits:

  • Dedicated Support: Your business deserves dedicated support and our GNG business customers can expect just that. Our energy managers know your needs may change at any time but our support will never waiver.
  • Pricing Solutions: No matter what type of pricing your need, we know we have a solution just for your business. We have the expertise to design a solution that ranges from the most recognized type of products to a hybrid of products that can meet your business usage and needs.
  • Consolidated Billing: In addition to flexible payment options for you and your residents, we also offer Master Summary Bill (at no cost!). You can see all meters and their charges on one bill. Enjoy this in both PDF and Microsoft Excel format. Reduce the number of payments you make and we know your accountant will be happy. Plus, you can utilize the Excel version and potentially upload account information into your system!
  • Reporting: Our standard reports can be exported as both Excel and PDF file formats. For more customized reporting, your energy manager and our team will gladly create a report with exactly what you need.
  • Working with You or a Consultant: GNG understands that some businesses rely on consultants to manage their natural gas needs. To us, if it is you or a consultant, we are ready to serve. We have worked with the lion’s share of energy consultants who represent companies in Georgia and we want to continue to do so. If you use a consultant, have them contact us!

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