Everything we do is centered on one thing – supplying our customers with clean-burning natural gas. No matter what your role is, fleet operator or station builder, we have the knowledge and experience to help you with your supply needs.

We have already dispensed, across our company footprint, millions of diesel gallon equivalents (DGEs) to fuel countless cars, light, medium and heavy-duty trucks and off-road equipment. We are well versed in the different industry applications and models most CNG customers use. Having this in-depth knowledge allows us to truly be an integral and valuable part of your CNG solution from the start!

So, what benefits will you get from GNG?

  • Competitive Pricing and Natural Gas Delivery Options: We offer traditional standard pricing products, but can also provide uniquely customized solutions. Plus, with our in-house risk management group, we can offer hedging execution and logistics management of the commodity from the wellhead to the burnertip.
  • Contract Flexibility: Since the use of CNG is still relatively new, when compared to the use of natural gas, there are many ways fleets, station builders and station operators can structure their natural gas supply contracts. With GNG, you’ll find we have the expertise and experience in offering contracts that can be direct to client, third party or a hybrid of the two.
  • CNG Industry Knowledge: GNG’s knowledge of how CNG works from many perspectives is one of the many reasons we have been leading the way with CNG in our marketplace. We have experience in and understand billing and customer care, telemetry, working with the local distribution company, and multiple station configurations. In addition, we are versed in the variety of engines and tank sizes for CNG vehicles.
  • Dedicated Support: At GNG, our value extends beyond competitive pricing. For us, it includes the service your business will receive from the dedicated energy managers that you will work with. With decades of combined expertise, credibility, knowledge of this industry and 24/7 availability, you can take comfort knowing your business is in competent hands. Now, that is value!


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